Nov 02

GPJ Sports Business Panel

GPJ Sports Business Panel
November 2, 2015
San Francisco, California

“The impact Sport has in a community transcends Sport.”
~ Kevin Bartram, George P Johnson Experience Marketing

“We are selling passion… the passion of our fan base, to create a positive lift for your brand.”
~ Jason Pearl, SF Giants

“People care about four things: their family, job, religion, and sports team—but not necessarily in that order.”
~ Pat Gallagher, SF Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

“It doesn’t matter what the technology can do—what matters is what can it help you do.”
~ Pat Gallagher, SF Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

“Tech sponsorships are not that different from other brands… they have to serve a consumer need.”
~ Jason Pearl, SF Giants

“Sponsorship is a misnomer these days—it’s integrated marketing—not a sign on the wall.”
~ Jason Pearl, SF Giants

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Pat Gallagher - GPJ Sports
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“You used to get the CEO and his kid on field, get him tickets, maybe get him drunk and you had a deal—those days are gone!”
~ Pat Gallagher, SF Super Bowl 50 Host Committee

“Used to be a pre-game to a post-game show experience—now its wake to sleep.” (speaking about the impact of Mobile
~ Chip Bowers, Golden State Warriors

“Our mobile app is the entry way to capturing data.”
~ Ethan Casson, SF49ers

“It’s about ownership (and elevation) of an element of the fan experience.”
~ Justin Toman, PepsiCo

“It’s all about partnerships for us—very few firms can just go it alone.”
~ Eric Reed, Verizon

“Taking an experiential activation, and turning it into an awareness campaign” (is definitely a trend).
~ Scott Kellner, GPJ

“It’s like making a Facebook page and not liking anything or friending anybody” (if you don’t save money for activation.)
~ Justin Toman, PepsiCo

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