Oct 07

4A’s Strategy Festival, part 3

4A’s Strategy Festival
October 4-6, 2015
New York, New York

“The things that happen to you are way more powerful than the things you hear about.”
~ Darren McColl, Sapient Nitro

“The closer you are to the person in the story, the more meaningful it is for you.”
~ Darren McColl, Sapient Nitro

“Think about creating worlds, not ads.”
~ Darren McColl, Sapient Nitro

“Strategy (at Google) doesn’t exist in the same way as at Creative Agencies.”
~ Venetia Taylor, Google

“Google’s bad-ass Adv Tech engineers see themselves as Doer-Dreamers, which is just like Planners.”
~ Venetia Taylor, Google

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Venetia Taylor - stratfest2
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“Under Armour’s original attempts to appeal to women (before later success) amounted to ‘pink it and shrink it.’”
~ Candace Chen, Droga5

“Google signs up a new partner every day of the year.”
~ Venetia Taylor, Google

“Clients always have more money. It’s amazing what they can find when they fall in love with an idea.”
Friz Kuhn, The Martin Agency

“I wouldn’t write the typical case arc of  ‘oh we were doomed, we had the idea!, we saved the world.’” (on what Apple allows)
~ Marc-Antoine Jarry, TBWA

“We are not creativity, we are in the business of creativity.”
~ Daniel Cherry, NJ Devils

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