Jun 26

Cannes Lions, part 8

Cannes Lions
June 21-27, 2015
Cannes, France

“If you have a good reason for something, you are going to make it work.”
~ PJ Pereira, Pereira & O’Dell

“Why can’t you create more diversity within your own life, based on the things you love.”
~ PJ Pereira, Pereira & O’Dell

“Accidents are amazing… if you are ready and creative.”
~ PJ Pereira, Pereira & O’Dell

“Creative capital is not a commodity—it gives digital agencies (and their incubated companies) an ‘unfair’ advantage.”
~ R/GA

“40% of Apple devices are sold to people 50+.”
~ Ketchum Research

Visual Quote:
will.i.am - Cannes Lions 2

“It’s only the very brave that can survive solely on advertising these days.”
~ Will Lewis, WSJ

“Music will always be music, but whether there is an industry is a question.”
~ will.i.am, Musician/Entrepreneur

“Do we run headless-chicken-like into the walled gardens of Facebook & Apple?”
~ Will Lewis, WSJ

“The real rock star is the guy from Snapchat—we can fill a stadium, but he can deliver eyeballs.”
~ will.i.am, Musician/Entrepreneur

“If you don’t add value to people’s lives, I don’t give two shits about your advertising.”
~ will.i.am, Musician/Entrepreneur

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