Jun 27

Cannes Lions, part 10

Cannes Lions
June 21-27, 2015
Cannes, France

“Apple Connect is a very powerful thing—once again Apple is going to help define and bring stability to our industry.”
~ will.i.am, Musician/Entrepreneur

“Imagine the ways that the news business can go from ‘what’ to ‘why’.”
~ will.i.am, Musician/Entrepreneur

“This generation will get those positions of power more quickly than my generation.”
~ Sir Martin Sorrel, WPP

“The competition in every industry is now the best UX a consumer had that day, eg doctors compete with Uber and Apple.”
~ Chloe Gottlieb, R/GA

“Twitter isn’t just a channel, it’s shaping culture.”
~ Paul Woolmington, Communications Entrepreneur

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Keith Weed - Cannes Lions
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“The glass lion has opened up the door for people to talk about gender-equality, across the board.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“Gender equality is not just a women’s issue, it’s everybody’s issue, because its good for business.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“I think social activism is a really important part of what we (as an industry) do.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“Throughout our history—we (as an industry) give back. When we do, we can change behavior—look at how we reduced smoking!”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“We have that ability (to be socially active & change behavior) and we don’t celebrate it enough.”
~ Nancy Hill, 4A’s

“Compassion can reduce the half life of shame and public humiliation.”
~ Monica Lewinsky, Social Activist

“We need to consume news with compassion. Just imagine walking a mile in someone else’s headline.”
~ Monica Lewinsky, Social Activist

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