Mar 20

SXSW Music, part 2

South by Southwest Interactive
March 13-17, 2015
Austin, Texas

“Festival Producers are not great at content—doing it 365 says a year is very difficult.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“Now with Meerkat and Periscope, what is the impact going to be—will every fan livestream the concert?”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“We need better tools to be able to tell the story of what makes a Festival unique.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“We need to redefine immersive experiences in the real world—making the audience part of a performance.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“You mean EDM people were able to focus enough to engage in a scavenger hunt?”
~ Ty Roberts, Gracenote

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Ty Roberts - SXSW
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“If I can hand over those 5000 fans, through iBeacon (with opt-in) to bands, it can add great value for them.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“1 out of 5 millennials attended a music festival in the past year and created 20 million social media conversations
~ Martina Wang, Eventbrite

“78% of millenials would rather buy an expensive experience (like festival tickets) than an expensive thing”
~ Martina Wang, Eventbrite

“FOMO is a festivals best friend.”
~ Martina Wang, Eventbrite

“We (at Fest300) are documenting the phenomenon that is sweeping the festival world.”
~ Art Gimbel, Fest300

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