Mar 19

SXSW Interactive, part 6 / Music

South by Southwest Interactive
March 13-17, 2015
Austin, Texas

“You may not act on (all the notification possibilities of Apple watch), to respect the users attention span.”
~ Alex Ackermans, Eventbase

“(Over time) you are going to prefer to pay with your phone.”
~ Jeff Sinclair, Eventbase

 “To the iPad generation, print is just a broken touch screen.”
~ as tweeted by Mark Silva

“People are 90% water and Beacons don’t broadcast well through water, so best to place them up high.”
~ Jeff Sinclair, Eventbase

Keys to Beacon success: “Security, Opt-In, Onboarding, Context, right content-right time.”
~ Alex Ackermans, Eventbase

Visual Quote:
Jeff Sinclair 2 - SXSW
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SXSW Beacon Findings: “Over 5M beacon visits, peak of over 1M per day, 90% of devices at SXSW are covered.”
~ Alex Ackermans, Eventbase

“Perfect combination is to find the balance between marketing and monetizing.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“Festival Producers are not great at content—doing it 365 days a year is very difficult.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

“We have created a Shazam for live music. As long as we know the band, we can create a log of what you’ve seen.”
~ Ty Roberts, Gracenote

“What I like about Snapchat is the way they geofence—we got 17% of our audience using a test at Outside Lands.”
~ Chad Issaq, Superfly

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