Mar 17

SXSW Interactive, part 5

South by Southwest Interactive
March 13-17, 2015
Austin, Texas

“Will we get to a world where beacons are everywhere… when you get into government and private sector, yes.”
~ Alan Simkowski, Gimbal

“The use case coming out of South by Southwest can apply to all manner of festivals and market segments that can be evangelized too.”
~ Alan Simkowski, Gimbal

“You can’t start a company today without Technology.”
~ Karen Quintos, Dell

“People think big companies like Dell create jobs, but 70+% are from small start-ups, so we support that.”
~ Karen Quintos, Dell

“People don’t want data, they want actionable intelligence.”
~ Ben West, Eventbase

Visual Quote:
Beacons - SXSW
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“Statistically, 80% of leads that are captured at trade shows are never followed up.”
~ Jamie Vaughan, Eventbase

“Reaching out to people near your booth, to get them to come to the booth (via Beacon messages) may be interesting.”
~ Richard Caelius, Eventbase

“It (mobile experience in retail) has to be experienced as surprise and delight.”
~ Chris Hiland, BPN

“People are really ready to give you all kinds of crazy data about themselves—it’s really cra.”
~ Jennifer Bordner, Old Navy

“As long as you give solid value, people are ready to participate.” (re: data)
~ Jennifer Bordner, Old Navy

Conference Link: South by Southwest Interactive