Jan 26

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum
January 21 – 24, 2015
Davos, Switzerland

“There are many people in the world for which their first Smartphone is the greatest gift in their life, besides another child.”
~ Eric Schmidt, Google

“The internet is the greatest empowerment of citizens against a government that we have ever seen.”
~ Eric Schmidt, Google

“Four words you can now officially get rid of in the English language: Average, Later, Local, and Private.”
~ Tom Friedman, NY Times

“Users need to be able to own their data, and even be able to take it to other systems.”
~ Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

“Nature has speed limits, but technology doesn’t. Is it moving too fast?”
~ Tom Friedman, NY Times

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Sheryl Sandberg - WEF
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“Trust levels in the world are down, down to their lowest levels since the Great Recession in 2008-9.” (from Trust Barometer)
~ as tweeted by Bill Gross

“If we had a pandemic today like we had in 1918, with today‚Äôs population, half a billion people would die.” (from session on global threats)
~ as tweeted by Bill Gross

“The amount of nonsense packed into the term ‘big data’ doubles approximately every 2 years.”
~ as tweeted by Bill Gross

“We are the first generation that can end poverty, but the last generation that can stop climate change.”
~ Ban Ki-Moon, United Nations

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