Jan 27

Mobile Media Summit SF

Mobile Media Summit SF
January 26, 2015
San Francisco, California

“No one questions the pivot/switch that needs to happen (with mobile).”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

“We have a big legacy of ‘mobile second’.”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

“We see Mobile as an ‘And’ not an ‘Or’.”
~ Michael Lacorazza, Wells Fargo

“We started in Mobile 30 years ago—it’s in our DNA.”
~ Yanyan Ji, Qualcomm

“Mobile video outperforms everything else by leaps.”
~ Julia Mee, Cisco

“At the end of the day Facebook, Tumblr and Snapchat are story telling platforms. Find what’s best for your brand.”
~ Jeremy Sigel, Essence

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Julia Mee - MMSSF
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“Whether you are B2B or B2C,  you are human to human.”
~ Yanyan Ji, Qualcomm

“We used to have our digital agency and non, our social agency and non—now we just try to learn fast with (all) our partners.”
~ Julia Mee, Cisco

“Treat your customers with respect—add value and don’t shove things down their throat.”
~ Julia Mee, Cisco

“I went on record—I hate all mobile advertising—we tell stories, but I haven’t been a huge fan (of mobile).”
~ Vaino Leskinen, TBWA\Chiat\Day

“Silos (Facebook, etc…) are eventually going to fall over.”
~ Dave Smith, MediaSmith

“SXSW last year had beacons distributed throughout… you can really elevate customer service with (beacons).”
~ Paul Friedland, Levis

“Building out data-rich profiles that combine beacon data and other location based data will be huge.”
Kristin Scheve, Digitas LBi

“Building out rich data that combines beacon and other location-based data will be huge.”
Kristin Scheve, Digitas LBi

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