Jan 21


January 18-20, 2015
Munich, Germany

“We’ve never been as separated from how our food is produced than we are today.”
~ as tweeted by Colin James Nagy

“In the US everything that is not forbidden is allowed, in Europe everything that’s not allowed is forbidden.”
~ as tweeted by Meinolf Ellers

“There is a clash of civilizations on the net; US wants liberalization, Europeans regulation.”
~ Ulrich Reitz, Focus Magazine

“Only 5% of boards have someone with marketing experience on them.”
~ Wes Nichols, MarketShare

“There are a billion cars on the road, and they go unused 90% of the time.”
~ as tweeted by Bill Gross

Visual Quote:
Henry Blodget - DLD15
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“By definition, innovative ideas look like bad ideas, and if they didn’t, everyone would have them.”
~ as tweeted by Bill Gross

“Digital world: 60% of the world is not online; 50% of world is not mobile; 70% of the world is not on social.”
~ as tweeted by Vala Afshar

“The biggest lie on the Internet is ‘I have read and agree to the license agreement.'”
Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure

“The value of things is in the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!”
~ as tweeted by Antonio V. Santos

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