Dec 03

IGNITION: Future Of Digital, part 5

IGNITION: Future Of Digital
December 1-3, 2014
New York, New York

“The Greek chorus is alive and well.” (through social)
~ Alex Jutkowitz, Group SJR

“We have to be where new things are happening, because that is what’s next.”
~ Beth Comstock, GE

“We’re industrial for the ages, but it’s all about technology.”
~ Beth Comstock, GE

“Native advertising is not trickery… the world needs better/greater content for people to engage with.”
~ Alexander Jutkowitz, Group SJR

“There is always room in our budget for a little experimentation.”
~ Beth Comstock, GE

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Beth Comstock - IGNITION
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“You had more lawyers in that meeting than we have employees.” (on a ‘cringe-worthy’ start-up meeting with GE)
~ Beth Comstock, GE

“We are preparing a white paper about Google’s egregious aggregation.”
Robert Thomson, News Corp

“Our white paper (on Google) will not be boring—it will be kaleidoscopic.”
~ Robert Thomson, News Corp

“I saw screens being used for interactivity, rather than narrative, back with QVC in ’92.”
~ Barry Diller, IAC

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