Dec 03

IGNITION: Future Of Digital, part 4

IGNITION: Future Of Digital
December 1-3, 2014
New York, New York

“We are investing in data, and how to get value out of that.”
~ Tim Vanderhook, Interactive Media Holdings

“Programmatic is not a strategy. It’s a way to execute, but it has positive strategic implications.”
~ Lisa Weinstein, Starcom MediaVest

“The number one pain point from the buy side is fraud. From the display side it’s pricing.”
~ Tim Vanderhook, Interactive Media Holdings

“The early days of programmatic were like the early days of eBay.” (equaling great deals)
~ Pete Spande, Business Insidier

“I try not to get distracted, and that (Yahoo! rumors) is a distraction.”
~ Tim Armstrong, AOL

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Patrick Keane - IGNITION
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“It’s ironic that we are in the NY Times building, hosted by the most disruptive media company in New York, Business Insider.”
~ Tim Armstrong, AOL

“There are ten to fifteen ‘chairs’ being chased by 100 global companies. Anything I can do to cement ourselves into one of those chairs… we are turning on the scale jets.”
~ Tim Armstrong, AOL

“Our vision is a 20 year vision for a 100 year business.”
~ Tim Armstrong, AOL

“The real issue is that the cookie has crumbled.”
~ Tim Vanderhook, Interactive Media Holdings

“Traditional (non-native) Advertising is like wallpaper.” (as quoted by Native Ad Panel)
~ Beth Comstock, GE

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