Dec 03

IGNITION: Future Of Digital, part 3

IGNITION: Future Of Digital
December 1-3, 2014
New York, New York

“I encourage people to be bold. Bold bets are experiments. And experiments prone to failure.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“Short term the stock market is a voting machine, but long term it is a weighing machine.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“If the stock is up 10%—don’t feel 10% smarter—because when it’s down 10%, you wont feel so good.” (to employees)
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“We are a large company, but in many ways a startup. And there’s lots of volatility in startups.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“I’m the counterbalance that can say Yes to the institutional ‘No’ at Amazon.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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Jeff Bezos - IGNITION 2
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“It’s an essential job for any retailer to negotiate with suppliers, on behalf of customers.” (re Hachette)
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“We humans co-evolve with our tools. We change our tools, then our tools change us.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“Publishers are having unparalleled profitability and it is because of ebooks.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“As a public figure, you get used to everything being wrong about you.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“We have Google street view, but no sky view.” (re drones)
~ Chris Anderson, 3D Robotics

“It took 150 years after the printing press to invent the newspaper. We don’t know what the Internet is yet.”
~ Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine

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