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IGNITION: Future Of Digital, part 2

IGNITION: Future Of Digital
December 1-3, 2014
New York, New York

“Traffic is good, wherever you can get it at a good price.”
~ David Krantz, YP

“I hesitate to have strong opinions about things I have not yet experienced.” (re the Apple Watch)
~ Benedict Evans, Andreessen Horowitz

“Wearables may introduce a whole new type of advertising experience.”
~ Miha Mikek, Celtra

“There will be a moment when you are ready to engage with a brand (on your wearable).”
~ Miha Mikek, Celtra

“Parenting! My greatest goal with my kids is making sure they’re not entitled jerks.”
~ Mark Cuban, HDNet

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Henry Blodget - IGNITION14
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“There is no business other than professional sports where, if you have an ultimate year, they throw a parade.”
~ Mark Cuban, HDNet

“Steve Jobs said, ‘The ultimate sophistication is simplification.'”
~ John Sculley, Former Apple CEO

“I have made Billions of dollars of failures at Amazon.” (in conversation with Henry Blodget)
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“I’ve made billions of dollars of mistakes… ultimately they don’t matter.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

“As the leader of Amazon, my job is to encourage people to be bold.”
~ Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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