Oct 29

WSJD Live, part 2

October 27-29, 2014
Laguna Beach, California

“We’re passionate about switching from Reactive to Proactive.” 
~ Andrew Conrad, Google[x]  on Google solving big problems in life science community

“We think we have seen the [Internet] revolution? We haven’t seen it yet.”
~ Hans Vestberg, Ericsson

“Nano particles are the nexus between biology and engineering—we can tell them what we want them to do.”
~ Andrew Conrad, Google[x]

Imagine you want to explore Parisian culture, and you do it by flying a helicopter over Paris once a year—that is what doctors do now. What we are hoping to do is to send nano-particles to mingle with ‘the people’ (through the bloodstream)—and then call them back to one place, and ask them, ‘what did you see?'”
~ Andrew Conrad, Google[x]

Visual Quote:
Jeffrey Katzenberg - WSJD Live
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“Content and mobile devices will grow into spectacular media businesses.”
~ Jeffrey Katzenberg, DreamWorks Animation SKG

“Most of what a film-maker does is NARROW your field of view, to direct you to the subject. Immersiveness takes that away.”
~ James Cameron, Director, Writer and Producer

“In theory, large companies could do a lot more than small companies, and it’s a mystery to me why they don’t. Politics? Process?”
~ Peter Thiel, Mithril Capital Management

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