Oct 28

WSJD Live, part 1

October 27-29, 2014
Laguna Beach, California

“Alibaba has made more money in the last 20 days than Amazon has made in the last 20 years.”
~ Jack Ma, Alibaba

“In 10 years, China will have two big problems. Health and mental health.” (things he wants to help with)
~ Jack Ma, Alibaba

“Only by solving social problems we can sustain our business.”
~ Jack Ma, Alibaba

“Alibaba is an ecosystem helping small business to grow.” (on what the e-commerce giant is)
~ Jack Ma, Alibaba

“The ‘Hong Kong Problem’ is about young people not having hope.”
~ Jack Ma, Alibaba

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Jack Ma - WSJD Live
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“I think the Watch is profound.”
~ Tim Cook, Apple

“Mobile remakes the tech industry because it’s actually much bigger.”
~ Marc Andreessen, Andreessen-Horowitz

“Of the 7 Billion people on earth, ~400m have a US-middle-class lifestyle. To get the rest there, we need Tech.”
~ Marc Andreessen, Andreessen-Horowitz

“Bitcoin is to money what TCP/IP was to data.”
~ Marc Andreessen, Andreessen-Horowitz

“When a technology is fully adopted, it tends to disappear.” (Like railroads and steel and PCs.)
~ Benedict Evans, Andreessen-Horowitz

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