Oct 28


October 27-28, 2014
Half Moon Bay, California

“This is the golden age of experimentation with social tools.”
~ Ray Ozzie, Talko

“One of our best weapons is the ineptness of the industry.”
~ John Legere, T-Mobile

“Most major corporations are paranoid hierarchies.”
~ John Legere, T-Mobile

Visual Quote:
Greg Joswiak - CodeMobile 2
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“The macro trend here is finance is becoming a technology business.” (on innovation within payments and beyond)
~ Patrick Collison, Stripe

“How much time people spend on Instagram, anything that competes with that time is a competitor.”
~ Kevin Systrom, Instagram

“Everyone used to want to be famous, because it was hard to be famous… and now everyone wants to be private.”
~ Nico Sell, Wickr

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