May 16

Collision Conference

Collision Conference
May 13-14, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

“You can be on the sidelines watching the plays or you can run them and see how good you are.”
~ Keith Rabois, Khosla Ventures

“Companies are the most important vehicle for scaled social change.”
~ Ben Rattray, Change.org

“If you take money from someone that is an asshole, there’s no divorce clause.”
~ Mark Suster, Upfront Ventures

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Mark Suster - Collision Conference
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“If we can do it here–in the place least likely to succeed, downtown Las Vegas… maybe we can inspire other cities.”
~ Tony Hsieh, Zappos

“The holy grail is to push free messages–see how they perform and amplify the content that works.”
Ryan Holmes, HootSuite

“Identify the snowball (that becomes) the avalanche of vitality.”
Ryan Holmes, HootSuite

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