Mar 09

SXSW Interactive, part 3

SXSW Interactive
March 7-11, 2014
Austin, Texas

“The opposite of sick is not ‘not sick’. Health is something different. Do you feel awesome all the time?”
Chris Matthews, Genesolve

“All the devices we use—Fuelband, Up, etc—look backwards. They don’t make the leap of what to do next.”
Chris Matthews, Genesolve

“The data (fitbit etal) is not the solution, it is just the data… but, the solution comes from the data.”
~ Chris Matthews, Genesolve

“The next logical step is to take quantified self to optimized self.”
~ Chris Matthews, Genesolve

“Your doctor may tell you are normal, that doesn’t mean you are optimal, or that you have to stop there.”
~ Chris Matthews, Genesolve

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Steve Broback - SXSW
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“Google says autonomous cars will be real in 5 years—we have seen stranger things in our lifetime.”
~ Lee Leffingwell, Austin Mayor

“Managing data, security, privacy, regulation are issues that need to be addressed as we move towards the connected car.”
~ Doug Newcomb, Newcomb Communications & Consulting

“Impressions and engagement matter, but when followers see your message… it’s off the charts—grow your follower base!”
~ Robert Pietsch, Twitter

“Be consistent with it—every Monday tweet about this, every Thursday about that, etc…”
~ Robert Pietsch, Twitter

“If you fuse together sensors, wearables, location,  social, and data you get new capabilities.”
~ Robert Scoble, Rackspace

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