Mar 09

SXSW Interactive, part 2

SXSW Interactive
March 7-11, 2014
Austin, Texas

“The hash tag is the connecting piece to people outside the event—digital explosion for the good.”
~ Brian Duggan, Building Alliances

“All of our events are MORE than just the physical presence of being in the room.”
~ Brian Duggan, Building Alliances

Visual Quote:
“Share your work. Share other peoples work. But ALWAYS give credit.”
~ Austin Kleon, Artist and Writer
ShareURwork - SXSW

“You and your event are competing for your audience’s attention with all these digital devices”
Brian Duggan, Building Alliances

“iBeacons will have huge implications on events”
Brian Duggan, Building Alliances

“There is no longer a 4-wall event. You’re speaking to everyone in the world—through technology.”
~ Tom Spano, 3 Degrees Digital

“Instagram is the digital postcard for fan experience and drives people from the couch to the arena.”
~ as tweeted by Renee Rossi

“Ballparks and stadiums are becoming community centers where digital is becoming additive to the consumer experience.”
~ as tweeted by Renee Rossi

“SFGiants have had 200+ sellouts in their wifi enabled stadium. 90% of their fans are bringing smart devices to games.”
~ as tweeted by San Francisco Giants

Conference Link: SXSW Interactive