Mar 08

SXSW Interactive, part 1

SXSW Interactive
March 7-11, 2014
Austin, Texas

“Digital touch points are coming out more in the physical world—this is illuminating experiences (and data).”
~ Rob Garner, Advice Interactive

“Visa does 30 to 40k transactions per second.  2.1- 2.2 billion cards in market.”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

“What matters to us is creating experiences, where we as a brand are uniquely adding value to the experience.”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

“If your wallet or purse is “wearable technology” to date, we have enjoyed (an enviable) position.”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

“Wearables are the “Second coming of the Internet” and brands are now getting involved.”
~ as tweeted by Marketing Magazine

Visual Quote:
Jeremiah Owyang - SXSW
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“Everything wearable touches two sides of the house—marketing and technology—the possibilities are mind boggling.”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

“There are some things I don’t want to know about myself (and some I do).”
~ Bachir Zeroual, Coke

“Change is going to happen TO you or BECAUSE of you!”
~ Brian Solis, Altimeter Group

“In 50 years, hipsters of the future will be wearing Google Glass.”
~ Sloane Kelley, PGA

“We fell in love with products (Walkman, iPod.) in part for the future opportunity. We are just (starting) with Glass.”
~ Shiv Singh, Visa

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