Mar 24

IEG Sponsorship

IEG Sponsorship
March 23-26, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

“[To get] content is why you sponsor.”
~ Lesa Ukman, IEG

“Social media is the top channel that top brands look to in leveraging their sponsorships.” (Sponsorship decision makers survey)
~ as tweeted by Amelia Zukowski

“Consumerization of new tech is the driving force behind the rise of the B2B sponsor category.”
~ as tweeted by S&E Sponsorship

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Lesa Ukman - IEG Sponsorship
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“Deliver your message when your audience is ready to hear, rather than interrupt.”
~ Jim Andrews, IEG

“Sponsorship is the catalyst for brands to create meaning and tell stories.”
~ as tweeted by Curmudgeon Group

“It’s not only about “create” great content. It’s also: Curate; Co-produce; Share; Amplify.”
~ Jim Andrews, IEG

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