Mar 12

SXSW Interactive, part 4

SXSW Interactive
March 8-12, 2013
Austin, Texas
Part 4

“Can you take this idea: finding what you are not looking for, and apply technology to it?”
~ Colin Raney, IDEO on Serendipity

“Fortune favors the prepared mind. Now fortune favors the networked mind.”
~ John Perry Barlow, EFF

“While you cannot plan ahead, we are all connected. If you need it to happen, it will.”
~ Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab

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Andy Goodman - SXSW
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“As you get older, your memory goes down, but your pattern recognition goes up.”
~ Joi Ito, MIT Media Lab

“I use following (new) things on Twitter as a filter to extend my (weak-ties) ability to find the next big thing.”
~ Kevin Rose, Google Ventures

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.”
~ John Perry Barlow, EFF, quoting W. H. Murray

“You have the same relationship that the faucet has to the water… be generous with your ideas.”
~ John Perry Barlow, EFF

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