Mar 12

SXSW Interactive, part 2

SXSW Interactive
March 8-12, 2013
Austin, Texas
Part 2

“My dog’s problem solving skills are a joke.”
~ Sarah Silverman, Comedian

“We are doing different things, but are all part of one of the biggest design projects in history—(solving health care is) bigger than the moon landing.”
~ Frank Moss, Atelion Health

“How can we give people total control of their health?”
~ Frank Moss, Atelion Health

“Health IT start-ups are like biotech—you almost have to create a phase 1 trial.”
~ Frank Moss, Atelion Health

Visual Quote:
Mordechai Lightstone - SXSW
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“Weaving new products into the workflow of the organization is the real design problem.”
~ Scott Stropkay, Essential

We’ve got to have more faith in the ability of ordinary people to understand (their condition) and act on info.”
~ Frank Moss, Atelion Health

“Partnering isn’t easy, but is almost a requirement to find partners who can make your idea stronger.”
~ Scott Stropkay, Essential

“I’m so proud of you. Are you qualified to do this?” (quoting his mom’s reaction when he told her about his session  re ‘G_d rebooting the world’).”
~ Seth Cohen, Schusterman Foundation

“This feels like AA for Corporate Social 🙂  ” (re the large enterprise sxsw meetup).
~ as tweeted by Kat Mandelstein

Conference Link: SXSW Interactive