Mar 12

SXSW Interactive, part 1

SXSW Interactive
March 8-12, 2013
Austin, Texas
Part 1

“What do you want to use the data for? That is a good place to start.”
~ Stephanie Habif, Health Behavior Scientist

“Social and health is tricky because it can be embarrassing, but social with strangers on the same journey as you is great.”
Tim Chang, Mayfield

“I am most excited about a hybrid between devices and human coaches.”
Tim Chang, Mayfield

“Hack healthcare by going to the consumer first… avoid anything that requires FDA approval because the company won’t make it.”
Tim Chang, Mayfield

“How can you move the needle on national health by giving people access to their data like heart rate?”
~ Jef Holove, Basis

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Stephanie Habif - SXSW
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“We built all these sensors into the device to get closer to actual truth, but we keep in mind that relative (progress) is what consumer psychology pays most attention to.”
~ Jef Holove, Basis

“We all have different algorithms and sensors (that prevent interoperability between devices), for now.”
~ Jef Holove, Basis

“We’re getting notification fatigue, so health prompts need to really get into our brains.”
Tim Chang, Mayfield

“The biggest Dopamine machines are desires (this leads to the question what’s a desire machine?)”
as tweeted by Jung von Matt

“Health technology (and date) needs to be placed in a meaningful context and tied to a social system.”
~ Stephanie Habif, Health Behavior Scientist

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