Mar 06

Adobe Summit, part 1

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Adobe Summit
March 4-8, 2013
Salt Lake City, Utah
Part 1

“Data fuels Content, content fuels ads (and produces data for next cycle).”
~ Marc Blinder, Adobe

“Plan ahead… so you can act in real time.”
~ Guy Yalif, Twitter

“People tell us what they are interested in via their actions (retweet, favorite, follow, etc…).”
~ Guy Yalif, Twitter

“Twitter…enhances television, print, outdoor. Half of americans see or hear about a tweet every day.”
~ Guy Yalif, Twitter

“The ad platform we have created rewards brands for being good, rather than being loud.”
~ Guy Yalif, Twitter

Visual Quote:
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“Twitter has been the scourge of dictators…and is great for access to the people we want to see topless.”
~ Marc Blinder, Adobe

“With Twitter, you have permission as a brand to engage in one to one, conversational marketing.”
~ Marc Blinder, Adobe

“The average global corporation we deal with has 178 different Social Media Accounts.”
~ Marc Blinder, Adobe

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