Jan 27

WEF Quotes Part 1

World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
January 23-27, 2013

A creative force for engaging leaders in collaborative discussions on the direction of the global agenda.

“Intuition is what we credit afterwards when we knew exactly what to do, and were right.”
~ Daniel Kahneman, Recipient of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

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“When women do better, economies do better. 70% of all consumption decisions in the world are made by women.”
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of International Monitary Fund

“The world moves faster than our mind. We have a new world, and an old mind. We need to adjust.”
Shimon Peres, President of Israel

“Today’s leaders have been trained in a world that no longer exists.”
Marc Davis, Microsoft Online Division

“The 6 members of the Walmart family have as much combined wealth as the entire bottom 1/3 of the United States”
Bill Gross, Idealab

“Its not about calories, it’s about nutrition.”
~ Paul Polman, Unilever

“In the next 15 years, we can halve childhood deaths. That’s doable.”
Bill Gates, Microsoft

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