Jan 28

WEF Quotes Part 2

World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
January 23-27, 2013

A creative force for engaging leaders in collaborative discussions on the direction of the global agenda.

“Strategy for gender equality: educate our sons.”
~ Jackie Korhonen, infosys

“I don’t think we need to work 8 hours a day. Maybe 3 – 4 hours. But the other 4 hours we need to learn.”
Shimon Peres, President of Israel

“Governments that were initially built just to protect land, those are now obsolete.”
Shimon Peres, President of Israel

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“You’re not going to get a good panel on innovation with all men. And especially with all middle-aged men.”
Marc Benioff, Salesforce

“The last time inequality in US was as high as it is now was in the roaring twenties, and that ended in disaster.”
Joseph E. Stiglitz, Recipient of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

“The great thing about this success of the Millennium Goals is that success is measured in millions of lives.”
Bill Gates, Microsoft

“We need the young entrepreneurs. If you don’t understand the new technology, you are lost.”
Hubert Burda, Hubert Berta Media

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