Jan 25

DLD Conference Quotes Part 2

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Digital-Life-Design Conference
January 20-22, 2013
Munich, Germany

Connecting people from different sectors of digital life, promoting crossover conversations on business, innovation, digitization and culture.

Part 2

“We need the young entrepreneurs. If you don’t understand the new technology, you are lost.”
~ Hubert Burda, Hubert Burda Media

“Originality is extremely hard & rare. When you find it, it’s extremely valuable.”
Peter Thiel, PayPal

Visual Quote:

Don Tapscott DLD 2013Image Credit

“The most Interesting businesses integrate the digital and the real world.”
Peter Thiel, PayPal

“Add social discovery to TV and you’ll get big change in viewing behavior.”
Samir Arora, Glam.com

“A common phrase in startups is ‘Correct and continue’.”
Joe Gebbia, airbnd

“We have to understand how Social Media affects the lives of people.”
~ Kevin Lee, China Youthology

“Create value, with STAM: Science, Technology, Art, Money.”
~ Henry Blodget, Business Insider

“Breakthrough ideas – by definition – look like they are insane.”
~ Ben Horowitz, Venture Capitalist

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