Dec 07

LeWeb’12 Quotes, part 1

December 4-6, 2012  Paris

Leaders and influencers who shape the future of the internet gather at LeWeb. On stage, industry leaders and visionaries. In the audience, a perfect mix of entrepreneurs, large companies, influencers, VC’s and journalists.

“6% of teens use email daily, 63% of teens use texting daily.”
~ as tweeted by Steve Garfield

“The new rules of business are the same as social media; authenticity, transparency and speed.”
~ David Jones, Havas

“We’re moving from Machina Habilis, devices as slaves, to Machina Sapiens, devices as agents.”
~ Rafi Haladjian, Sen.se

“Your phone should become a remote control for reality.”
~ Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist

Visual Quote:Yossi Vardi - LeWebImage Credit

“It is better that when goddess Fortuna knocks on your door—that you are not in the Men’s Room.”
~ Yossi Vardi, Venture Capitalist

“Luck comes to the people who are seeking it—through hard work.”
~ Yossi Vardi, Venture Capitalist

Conference Link: LeWeb’12