Dec 13

Lean Startup Quotes

Lean Startup
December 3-4, 2012  San Francisco

The Lean Startup Conference brings together innovators from startups and established companies alike to share lessons for building profitable lean organizations.

“A pivot is a change in strategy, not a change in vision. The vision remains constant.”
~ David Binetti, Votizen

“Entrepreneurs always feel like they’re too late. In reality, they’re almost always too early.”
~ Marc Andreesen, Andreessen Horowitz

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“What are the problems hidden in plain sight?”
~ Drew Houston, Dropbox

“Why do we exist and why should anyone care? (key question every startup should ask)”
~ as tweeted by Bill Gross

“A hobby consumes more money than it produces. A business produces more money than it consumes.”
~ Justin Wilcox, Customer Development Labs

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