Nov 29

LinkedIn TechConnect:12 Quotes

LinkedIn TechConnect:12
November 29, 2012

Influencing IT Decisions. How to use social media to attain your tech marketing goals.

“Almost impossible to squeeze the human element out of even the simplest transactions”
~ Clay Shirky, New York University

“Used to be: I can talk, you can shut up, we call that advertising. You can talk, I can shut up, we call that research.”
~ Clay Shirky, New York University

“When you give people an opportunity to participate, about 1% dive-in, 10X will comment, and 10X that number will watch.”

~ Clay Shirky, New York University

“What do patients have access to that pharma companies don’t? Reality. Actual effects.”
~ Clay Shirky, New York University (re patientslikeme)

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“Social and digital marketing are built into event marketing from day 1. Digital peeps are event marketers.”
~ Rishi Dave, Dell

“Events have completely changed for us. They start much earlier and continue past the event date.”
~ Maria Pergolino, Marketo

“We are all event marketers… Digital is like this ongoing event.”
~ Ethan McCarty, IBM

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