Jun 19

Social Loco Highlights and Favorite Quotes, part 1

June 18, 2012  San Francisco

"It's not who you know, its who you need to know."
~ as tweeted by Marc Kleinmaier

"How do you get users to take out their wallet? Trusted brand, social recommendations, and a great mobile product."
~ as tweeted by Rob McQueen

"It's hard to pivot when you have a decade of inertia around the web."
~ Kevin Flies, Room 77

"Shopping is now the biggest category on Yelp."
~ Mike Ghaffary, Yelp

"How can you use location as a signal of intent?"
~ David Kurtz, Yellow Pages

"Local is not only about proximity anymore… It's more about the context around you. Local is really social."
~ as tweeted by Yuliya Dmytryshyn

"Passively social, aggressively helpful, location. How do you make things easy?
~ Di-Ann Eisnor, Waze

"Location info gives you the ability to understand context in a new way."
~ Di-Ann Eisnor, Waze

"Technology will outstrip other members of the Eco system for wealth and cultural influence."
~ Mark Silva, Anthem Worldwide

"If it's a good idea, you'll need to beat brands over the head with it before they adopt."
~ Mark Silva, Anthem Worldwide

Di-Ann Eisnor

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