Jun 18

Games for Change Festival Highlights and Favorite Quotes

June 18-20, 2012  New York

"Games enable humans to connect to each other in an interactive, futuristic way."
Hugh Garry

"The federal database is like the warehouse where they store the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones."
Hugh Garry

"How do you start from square zero? We like starting in a physical game design setting."
Brian Alspach, Gamestar Mechanic

"Games are good at getting the brain what it wants ie. visible progress, abstract-> concrete, full engagement."
~ as tweeted by World Tribe Media

"Let's call them transformational games instead of serious games. After all, we're talking about games that we hope change people."
~ as tweeted by Sheetal Prajapati

"I have always had a fancy that learning might be made a play and recreation to children."
~ as tweeted by Sheetal Prajapati quoting Jonathan Locke (1692)

"It's not an easy business, or we would have been doing it for 400 years" 
Jesse Schell, Schell Games


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