Jun 18

Cannes Lions Highlights and Favorite Quotes, part 1

June 17-23, 2012  Cannes, France

"Treat People as your best Friends, not as customers or target groups."
~ as tweeted by Amir Kassaei

"Make people think what a great product, not what a great ad."
~ Dave Trott, CST

"We are not in the ad Business. We are in the Business of Making things relevant."
~ as tweeted by Amir Kassaei

"80% of CEOs think they give great customer service and only 8% of their customers say it is so."
Katrina Dodd, Contagious Communications

"Data is a need to have – not a nice to have."
~ as tweeted by Jon Vein


Image on data from Adobe

"Data is the digital revolution's gift to us."
~ Ann Lewnes, Adobe


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