Apr 21

Favorite Quotes and Highlights from Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress, part 1

April 20-21, 2012  San Francisco

All quotes from Lawrence Lessig's Keynote to close out yesterday at #sagecon:

"We’ve paid too little attention to where copyright is not essential, (which brings us to) science."

"This is an insane way for us to build an architecture for access to knowledge. (current copyright system for scientific info.)"

"This is not a conflict between good and evil, it is a conflict between tigers and kittens.  Tigers have a certain nature—they (like corporations) are not evil."

"With free software, you should think 'free speech' not 'free beer."

"The future of science is increasingly about machines exploring machines. Needs to be without lawyers in the middle, as they will (destroy that process)."

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to only one striking at the route- quoting Thoreau, as a lead in to why we must all be active around the corrupting influence of money on politics."

"Always lean to the green…" Advice given to new member of congress (and not from an environmentalist!)

"We are the 99.9999937%." (Talking about the 196 Americans who have funded almost all the superpacs this election season.)

"A higher percent of Americans had faith in the British crown at the time of the revolution, than have faith in Congress today."

Conference Link: Sage Bionetworks Commons Congress