Feb 03

World Economic Forum 1/25-29/12 Davos Switzerland, Part 2

"The distance between the impossible and possible is shrinking."
Kishore Mahbubani, National University of Singapore

"We have heard about a bank being too big to fail, but now we risk hearing about people being too small to matter."
~ Thorning-Schmidt, Denmark Prime Minister

"Last year G7 became obsolete. Now we have G20. To me, it looks like a G-Zero world, because there is NO agreement on anything."
~ Nouriel Roubini, Economist

"You will see powerful movements where new leaders embrace what is coming up from below & meet it somewhere in middle."
~ Thomas Friedman, NY Times

"A cotton factory now has only two employees, a man & a dog. Man feeds the dog. Dog keeps man away from machines."
~ Thomas Friedman, NY Times

"A world with women in power? We might as well try it. It can't get worse."
~ Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook

"Average life expectancy of the Fortune 500 is now only 15 years. If you don't change, you fall behind."
~ John Chambers, Cisco

"How many things do we lose simply out of our fear of losing them?"
Paulo Coelho, Writer

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