Feb 27

IAB Annual Leadership Meeting 2012 Highlights and Favorite Quotes

Feb 26-29, 2012 Miami

"Time and Space are dissolving as Presence and Profile emerge."
~ Geoffrey Moore, Author

"Pinterest is the Jeremy Lin of the Internet."
~ Peter Naylor, NBCUniversal

"Americans spend more time with media than they do working or sleeping."
~ Susan Jurevics, Sony

"The power of a well-told story continues to resonate, despite out tweet-crazed hypersocial culture."
~ Susan Jurevics, Sony

"To release the power of the Internet requires organizations to change how they see the world."
~ Susan Jurevics, Sony

"Social is just the web catching up with life."
~ Karim Temsamani, Google as tweeted by Bianca Weishäupl

"If content is king, we need to democratize the monarchy."
~ Karim Temsamani, Google

"If it can topple 40-year-old dictatorships, it can really mess up your media plan."
~ Tom Bedecarre, AKQA on Facebook

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