Sep 16

Gamification Summit, 9-15-16/11, New York, Part 2

"People get from games what they want from life… life had better get with the program!"
~ Sean Baenen, Social Chocolate

"QuantifiedSelf is not a silver bullet, but it is a bullet… in a holistic program, including social interaction, etc."
~ Steve Kimmel, MD

"Studies show that knowledge doesn't change behavior."
~ Steve Kimmel, MD

New Vocab word of the day:  "Hyperbolic discounting… we devalue rewards based on being off in the future… and a longer healthier life gets devalued that way. (as opposed to more immeditate rewards)."
~ Andres Moran, Earndit.com

"Farmville is more powerful(watched) than the most powerful TV show, by a factor of four!"
~ Gabe Zichermann, founder Gamification Summit

"A common complaint: I have 10,000 fans, but I can’t get them to do anything (re gamification as motivating strategy)."
~ Michael Wu, PhD

"Often simple games are the hardest to design."
~ Eric Goldberg, Gaming Advisor

"60 seconds is the new 60 minutes."
~ Gabe Zichermann, founder Gamification Summit

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