Sep 20

Federated Media’s Signal Conference 9/20/11 Chicago, Part 1

"One of my goals is to bring to you new start ups that are new businesses that can help you do your business."
~ John Battelle, Federated Media

"Mobile strategy is nothing if not paired with local, social and real-time strategies."
~ John Battelle, Federated Media

"Exchanges aren't going to be the only way we buy media, (but) using technology to buy audiences is a big piece."
~ Liz Ross, MediaBrands Ventures

"Consumer spending is the source of and solution to all of our problems."
~ Liz Ross, MediaBrands Ventures paraphrasing Homer Simpson (who said alcohol was)

"For all the advances in the internet in the last 15 years, images have remained largely the same. Pictures remain static rectangles of pixels, largely devoid of interaction."
~ Bob Lisbonne, Luminate

"10% of all pictures ever taken were taken in past 12 months."
~ Bob Lisbonne, Luminate

"I have 75 apps on my phone… half were put on by my 7 year old… there is a lot of noise in the mobile app world."
~ John Battelle, Federated Media

"The way agencies will win is when they become passionate consumers of their clients products."
~ Sean Finnegan, Geomentum

"Digital is capturing a third of Dr ads, but only 6% of branding. Lots of upside."
~ Gian Fulgoni, Comscore

"If you don’t believe in sampling theory, next time you go to the Dr & he wants to take some blood—tell him to take it all."
~ Gian Fulgoni, Comscore

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