Apr 06

Fortune Brainstorm Green 4/4-6 Laguna Niguel, Part 3

"We haven’t solved a pollution problem anywhere in the world without putting a limit on what can come out."
~ Fred Krupp, Environmental Defense Fund

"When your company name is Waste Management and all your custermers are talking about is 'Zero Waste', you better think about your business model."
~ David Steiner, Waste Management

"Any movement is a chorus of voices… we're lacking a business voice (to go with regulation, policy, ngos)."
~ Jeff Anderson, Clean Economy Network

"We need base camps… you can’t climb a mountain from the bottom."
~ Jeff Anderson, Clean Economy Network

"You can only be snarky for so long"
~ Jeff Anderson, Clean Economy Network on republicans and why they may actually support an energy bill)."

"Our policy is fundamentally action. We are large and broad enough to act as a proxy for policy."
~ Mark Vachon, GE Ecomagination

"We ordered 25000 EVS… the largest order. We want to be the tipping point in that space and profit from it."
~ Mark Vachon, GE Ecomagination

"The new game is who can create the most standard of living with least resource use. We are still playing by the old game's rules."
~ Michael Potts, RMI

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