Nov 18

Web 2.0 Summit November 15-17 San Francsico, Part 6–Mark Zuckerberg Keynote Interview

Quotes from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook in dialog with John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly:

"I'm not sure we are 100% right on this……we err on the side of openness." (re John Batelle's question on Facebooks tendency to ask for forgiveness versus permission)

"Over the next 5 years, all businesses are going to get re-architected around social."

"Anything that doesn't have to be built by us, we would rather not be built by us. We are a small company."

"Our default is just build an open platform.”

"Over the next five years almost every product vertical is going to get social. Get on the bus."

"Our values: Move fast, be bold and take risks. Large tech companies have some scale advantages, but sometimes just get slower."

"The problem with the points of control map is that the largest section should be the uncharted territory."

"If you are building a product that people love, you can make a lot of mistakes."

 A couple of bonus quotes from the Facebook Messages announcement the day before:

"The Farm Bureau has agreed to give us fb.com. In return we have agreed not to offer farm subsidies."

"Talking to high schoolers makes me feel really old."

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